Steve Brown – One Year Gone

As a rule, blokes don’t really do anniversaries; we leave that to the ladies in our lives to remind us about birthdays, wedding anniversaries and more potently, deaths.

However, we have noted privately that it is a year since we lost our original Bass player, Steve Brown, finally saying goodbye to him at his funeral last year on 22nd November. It’s never easy approaching this subject as it’s hard to gauge if the family of the deceased person want their loved one to be remembered privately or publicly over the period covering the first anniversary of their loss.

Steve Brown, 2010

Steve from a band photo-shoot back in June 2010. Getting ready to conquer the festival circuit…

However, one of Steve’s oldest friends Ken Davies, has brought to our attention that while life goes on, it can be easy to let the memory of people slip further into the distance as we carry on with our daily business. Ken certainly has a point so this being the first year gone from Steve’s passing and funeral, we would like to let everyone know that although Forty4 still exist in some sort of continuum, we have not forgotten the huge contribution Steve made to the band; far from it.

As many have said, Steve was a man of few words, but when he did speak, you knew there was more depth to what he was saying within his brief and often cutting delivery of the truth! Being the elder statesman of the band, he was also like a Father figure to us, offering wise words of advice in times of personal stress. Being in a real band unit is more than just robotically playing the notes in the songs. Yes, that is how some bands do business but when the personalities involved are strong and have an unseen hand on the steering wheel; the feeling of loss can run deeper into another level.

After the pain of bereavement, there is always a rebuilding process, mending the fractured lives damaged by the fallout left by the sudden passing of a loved one. Steve’s family will still be trying to rebuild their lives around his absence, trying to get used to their new kind of ‘normal’. That’s always the hardest one to get comfortable with.

As individual band members, we all miss Steve in our own personal ways, holding the years we spent together getting the band out on the road and finding our musical direction with immeasurable affection. That period is locked in a time capsule of memories for us that brings us as much joy to reflect upon as it does sadness.

With Steve’s blessing, we were lucky to find Bill to take on the Bass player role and we’ve certainly had some laughs keeping the wheels turning on the sometimes obscure musical journey we chose to walk. Call it our ‘rebuilding process’ if you like. We sincerely hope that Steve’s family will one day be able to laugh again and smile at the memories he left for us all; for them, it will take longer.
Steve certainly left a legacy with us, having touched so many people’s lives on a deep, personal level. ’44 Minutes’ stands as his final recorded musical legacy which still remains at the core of our live set. We are also in the (slow) process of revamping our website and once again, Steve will feature in there.

Reflecting on a year gone since he passed on and we said goodbye to him at the Springwood Crematorium, and despite him being physically departed from this world, Steve Brown is still very much alive in our hearts and minds. Who knows, maybe he’s waiting to dish out some of that friendly Steve advice to us in a rehearsal room somewhere on the other side?

A strong man leaves powerful memories and it will take a better thief than ‘daily life’ to steal the legacy of Steve Brown from our lives.