Forty4 – Blues Matters Feature, 2014

A Nice Bit O’Bully!

Blues Matters Review, 2014

A certain Mr Starkey, very happy with this feature…

That’s right, as good old Jim Bowen used to say – “you can’t bit a bit o’Bully!” – and that’s what we say to our feature in April’s edition of ‘Blues Matters’ magazine!

Local Merseyside roving music journo, Des James (yes, the very same Des James who used to write for the Hoylake & West Kirby Advertiser in the 1980’s!) tracked us down and interviewed us, complete with Nicotine stained fingers and scruffy old raincoat – no! Only joking! He’s weathered very well actually and seemed to nail our views pretty much to the point in this article, also assisted by the excellent Clare Free from Outlaw PR.

Anyway, it all looks very nice, and Paul is very happy to be on the same spread as Eric! We can hear Steve shouting down to us, “Starkey’s made up! He’s on the same page as Clapton!

Anyway, it’s available to buy from WH Smith and is jam-packed with lots of other stuff as well as being just the right size for ladies handbags (which we don’t carry of course).