‘Big Nicky’ Lauro

Nick Lauro on the drums (& cowbell) a very able percussionist who is seemingly unaware he is part of a ‘skin’ tight rhythm section!

(Lucas Campbell, The Rock of Ages Radio Show)

Nick Lauro - Drums

Nick Lauro – Drums

Stop! Go back now, before it’s too late!

Okay, well…if you insist on being a fool, you’ve reached the page of Forty 4’s very own GOM (Grumpy Old Man to the rest of you suckers).

Nick is not at all ‘big’, as Steve refers to him, by the fact that he still has the same 30″ waist that he had as an idiot teenage drummer.

Having been playing drums in bands since 1981, Nick recently realised that he really should have been a Bass player. Reckons there’s probably a ‘happy’ Nick residing in a parallel universe somewhere playing four strings.

Quietly friendly and a bit too complex for his own good, here are a few things you need to know about the little chap at the back…


  • Drum SolosDo not approach this man under any circumstances with talk of that latest Thomas Lang/Virgil Donati/Mike Portnoy video you’ve seen on You Tube! Unless it’s ‘Moby Dick’, ‘The Mule’ or something from the Big-Band Swing era, Nick would rather discuss football players WAG’s spending habits than engage in conversation about pointless drum-whiffery.
  • Football – Hates it, or as as he refers to it: “40% tax payers kicking a ball around a field”. Having said that, he does retain respect for footballers from the Kenny Dalglish era and before, deeming them to be real ‘Sportsmen’, as opposed to the Sports-car driving ‘entertainers’ of today’s Premier League.
  • 21st Century British Music – Cannot tolerate whining Brit bands like Coldplay, Keane, Oasis etc. “They’ve got no Soul or a groove between them to save their miserable white-boy asses.”
  • Britpop – (See above)
  • Reality TV Shows – For God’s sake, do not ask him about Big Brother/X-Factor/Pop Idol cheap TV for sheep. He would rather Hannibal Lecter offer him a piece of his own brain to eat…
  • Show-off Drummers“If you can’t selflessly serve the music without overplaying, then consider a bedroom solo-career or join a Prog-Rock/Fusion band with a minority audience.”
Nick has a sly coffee during a gig!


I’m really not that great a drummer – in fact, if you asked me, I’d have to say that I’m a far better musician than I am an instrumentalist, so don’t ask for any solos!

(Nick Lauro, 2011)