‘Big’ Glenny Lewis

Glen Lewis is a smooth and artistic keyboard player who gets right behind the guitar riffs and plays the fills which is an essential integral part of the ‘groove’.

(Lucas Campbell, The Rock of Ages Radio Show)

Glen Lewis - Keyboards


Glen whilst being the youngest in the pack, has a musical appreciation that stretches beyond the brevity of his years. Being a huge fan of the work of Donald Fagan and Walter Becker in Steely Dan, he also has a musical radar tuned into the virtuosity of Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder and John Cleary, with many a foray into the genius works of Miles Davis.

Often referred to as “Big Glenny Lewis” by Steve, Glen enjoys the health benefits of a glass of Guiness and a pie in between rehearsals…

Also the proud owner of a vintage Parson Russell Terrier whom can be seen standing guard at Glen’s music school, The Aintree School of Music.

Since relocating outside of the Merseyside border in 2011, Glen has accepted an honorary position with Lancashire Hotpots tribute band, The Reet Flooers, under the stage name of ‘Johnny Cockeroo’.